Staff1Tiggy Winkles Nurseries

Both nurseries are managed by Emma Stroud, who has been with Tiggy Winkles for 12 years.

Working with her are ?? nursery nurses and support staff, all of whom are trained in Pediatric First Aid, and have qualifications in the relevant child care areas.

Emma Stroud (Nursery Manager)
Jayne Swann (Deputy Manager)
Natalie Fox (Senior Nursery Nurse / EYFS Co-ordinator)
Dominie McQueen (Senior Nursery Nurse / Head of Room)
Ellen Oldham (Senior Nursery Nurse / Head of Room)

The Merlin Venture Ltd.

Tiggy Winkles Nurseries are a division of The Merlin Venture Ltd. Merlin is a non-profit company with a voluntary board of directors and a Consultant Chief Executive, Robert Brown.